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2016-04-09 12:41:03 by iiMadness

im more active on steam e.e

im back finaly

2016-01-15 15:51:15 by iiMadness

i wasnt active because of school il try to  make my  stuff better 

speeding up stuff

2015-11-24 17:46:49 by iiMadness

well  these willl be the victims :/

my art and shet

2015-11-24 17:39:58 by iiMadness

im soon done with making charackters soon im geting adobe flash cs5 or macromedia idk everything that works e.e i guess

adobe flash cs5

2015-11-22 16:12:03 by iiMadness

i have problems with installing adobe flash cs5 it says error every time bullsh!t


2015-11-21 15:15:01 by iiMadness

nowone knows even that my country existis e.e  country Bosnia and Herzgovina



2015-11-20 09:16:02 by iiMadness

im making some charackters i have a problem with installing adobe flash cs5 ;-;

this is the day i made my acc

2015-11-07 15:51:36 by iiMadness

ill be making some vids later e.e